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Ron was born and raised in the piney woods of East Texas. After finishing high school, he attended Austin College in Sheman, Texas where he earned letters in both football and track. He transferred to the University of Texas, Austin and was awarded a B.S. degree in Architectural Engineering. He moved to California to attend the University of California, Berkeley where he received his Masters degree in Naval Architecture. 

Following college he worked for the Navy doing engineering and computer tasks.  He worked on a variety of projects including the submarine and ocean engineering programs. As Director of the Naval Sea Logistics Center Detachment Pacific, he was responsible for the development of industrial applications for both the Army and the Navy. These applications were both client/server and web based applications. Following his retirement from the Government, he worked as consultant for Booz Allen and Hamilton. 

After graduation from Berkeley, Ron opened a part-time photography business in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has participated in juried art shows and showed in galleries since 1970. His assignments included working for wineries in Sonoma, California. 

Subject matter interests encompass travel, nature, nudes, abstracts, character studies, and dance photography. 

In 2001, Ron decided to devote full time to his primary interests . photography and web design. He relocated Munden Expressions to his roots in East Texas. In order to ensure that his management and consulting days are behind him, Ron's operates Munden Expressions as "an Army of One". His extensive experience with both computers and photography allows him to take on a variety of assignments. 

When asked for his thoughts on photography, Ron said: 

In my work I attempt to capture the essence of the subject in a simple, straight-forward manner. To me, maximum photographic impact is made through simplified composition. I feel that artistic photography results more from a state of mind than the mere application of photographic techniques.


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